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I am X-Posting this to several communities to see if I get a better response, as usual, I apologize in advance if you have to see this several times.......

Currently I have a cable modem and Road Runner ISP (Time-Warner cable high speed internet). Next week I have to go out to my friend's house to house-sit for their animals (cats, horses, dogs etc.) while they go on vacation for approximately 10 days. My cable modem is a Motorala Surf-Board. My question is: Since they have cable tv with the same service provider, if I took my modem out to their house (approx 10 miles west) and plugged it into their cable, would it work under my cable account since I have cable and high speed internet? Or is the cable company's equipment programmed/ configured to only recognize a certain modem at a certain address?? Obviously, I am not even going to bother calling tech support for this, as they would make more money if they said "NO" & that my friend would have to get their own cable-modem and order Road Runner--They would make $45/mo more, so they aren't going to publicly "advertise" if this would work, but I thought would post it here and see if their is anyone that works inside the cable business that could give me a difinitive answer in advance. However, my friends that I house sitting for only really use internet for email and such, don't do much downloading, so they aren't intersted in cable/dsl high speed internet.
Also, hypothetically, what about if I switch to DSL? I am considering switching to SBC (Formerlly "Ameritech", formerally "Wisconsin Bell) DSL because it is advertised at $29.95 a month for a year vs like $44.95/mo I think I am paying for Time-Warner Road Runner High Speed Cable Modem. I am deducting that if I switched, I wouldn't be able to move the DSL modem because I don't think that they have the same Telco at their house. But (obviously, or I wouldn't have asked) I wasn't so sure about my current setup and being able to move the cable modem since I know we have the same cable companies.
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